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Renaming ArcGIS Pro project with its APRX, file geodatabase and toolbox needs to be easy

04-11-2017 04:04 PM
Status: Under Consideration
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As can be seen at I created an ArcGIS Pro project named TestProject in a new folder and after doing considerable work on it I decided that it warranted a better name like ProperProject.  In the TestProject folder by default there is TestProject.aprx, TestProject.gdb and TestProject.tbx.

Renaming the TestProject folder to ProperProject leaves the TestProject.* files and file geodatabase with their original name, and there seems to be no easy way to rename TestProject.aprx to ProperProject.aprx that automatically renames its default file geodatabase and toolbox to ProperProject.gdb and ProperProject.tbx.

I'm happy to leave the project folder rename to Windows, but I think ArcGIS Pro should make renaming a *.aprx also rename its default file geodatabase and toolbox.


pretty please


This sounds like a great idea to make working with Pro easier and get more adopters from the ArcMap world.


I was hoping that Save As could be a way of fixing a corrupt aprx if some of it's functionality is no longer working (e.g. aprx was created in Pro 2.1 and you open the aprx in Pro 2.2.1 and some tools are not working).  I was hoping that you can try creating the project brand new with this tool where the default file gdb would be created in the new project folder and all feature classes in the original file gdb would be copied to the new file gdb in the new project folder using the same names.  Unfortunately, as it is currently coded, a new aprx file gets created but it still references the original file gdb so any corruption associated with the project file gdb would still remain.


This is the problem with ArcGIS Pro: one step forward and two steps back... Why on earth would you require the user to follow a 10-step procedure just to rename your project? Or even better - writing a script to rename a file?! (OK, I know, this is not just one file). So, either the structure of the ArcGIS Pro project is too complicated, or there must be a tool to handle that.

Such small things, when summed together, make the transition from ArcMap to ArcGIS Pro still questionable...


Is there a workable solution to this issue yet?


According to the official help page, seems the answer is not for now: 

A project cannot be renamed once it has been created. However, you can save a copy of the existing project file to a new location with a new name.

But alternatively, someone posted a method here, you can try it - it is like ... ten steps for just renaming a project method. 

Status changed to: Under Consideration
by Anonymous User

Still considering? Seems like a basic program function, and the steps to a solution have been laid out for you in the post that PolyGeo linked in 2017...


Make this happen, this really should be a basic thing to do. I'm sure there's all kinds of technical reasons why it would be hard to make changing project names an option but those reasons should be addressed in order to make changing project names easier happen.


Another fault that makes you wonder what the heck the focus was when they were re-writing ArcGIS. Was it just to destroy the simplicity of producing Layouts and be damned with everything else?

ArcGIS Pro Catalog can't eve see or open its own APRX files!