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Rename/rework add to project/add to favorites/add to new projects options

12-06-2022 11:46 AM
Status: Open
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Based on the iconography, naming, and menu sections, one may believe that 'Add To New Projects' adds the selected source container as a favorite to new projects, which is quite confusing when Favorites alone do persist from project-to-project. I found out what this does on accident, and was very happy to discover that it actually adds them as a connection to all new projects, so I feel that a renaming, reorganizing, and new icons would help users a lot in figuring out what these things actually do -- especially those coming from ArcMap.


I would propose this order and these names:

  • Add To Project > Add As (Folder/Geodatabase/what have you) Connection to This Project
  • Add to New Projects > Add As (as above) Connection to All New Projects
    • functionality should also be updated to add as a folder connection to current project as well
    • update icon to look nothing like the favorites/more like the current add to project icon


  • Add to Favorites remains the same.
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Hm, even more confusing that your actual favorites use the same pin icon as the current Add to New Projects option, which adds things as folder connections, not favorites.