remember querys

06-13-2014 02:20 PM
Status: Open
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make a 'query rememberator' so querys can be remembered/stored and re-used 
(not just saved out to a file)
this would apply to sql queries, definition queries, label classes, cal files - etc...
maybe point to a folder where they are stored as individual .txt/.cal files with titles to help select them from a drop down pick list (and ability to edit the pick list)


For the part about the pick list of queries to choose from, you may want to join the discussion at‌.  It could be an interesting design consideration.


Since this idea was posted, ArcGIS Pro has implemented the ability to define multiple definition queries on a layer, name them, and switch the active query using a drop-down list that shows the query names. 

I realize that definition queries is just one of "sql queries, definition queries, label classes, cal files - etc..." but wanted to make note of it as possible.