Remember last positioned window locations and size in ArcGIS Pro.

03-31-2021 09:13 AM
Status: Implemented
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It would be great if Pro remembered window placement and size according to the last position/size configured. For example, when I open the Options menu in the Pro project, the window always reverts to a default size and location. I have to then resize or position the window every time to my liking. This is frustrating enough with the Options window but even more frustrating with windows such as the Editor Settings window where I go back and forth to configure the Field Mapping setting. I have to adjust the position and resize every single time I open this window to see the entire field list and or expression.

I know there is currently functionality in Pro to remember attribute table location and configuration but a simple setting to allow this functionality with all windows/panes would go a long way.

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Allow dialog boxes to maintain same size as when closed from the previous time.  I find myself constantly resizing dialogs to view all the information and options available.  Take Layer Properties for example.  When it opens say to 'Source' from the previous time, it opens to the original size and you see only half the information.  I then expand it again to see all the information.  Gets very redundant if accessing several Layer Properties multiple times.  It would be helpful the next time a dialog is opened to open to the expanded size and not revert back to the original size. 


Yes and it's applied to open projects too.

Very annoying to try to work when you have to always resize some dialog windows.

By example, when trying to change the parameters of the layout for mapseries (in fact layout series), we have to scroll the page or extend the dialog box.  So, when moving to a second layout, inside the same project, to do the same, the dialog box revert to the default size.



@KoryKramer  Kory this is getting even more frustrating as we move the everyday workload to Pro.  The constant need to resize dialog boxes (and some that can't be resized) could use some much needed attention.  A few in particular are the Options, Open Project, Add Folder Connection, and Select Existing Database boxes.  Would it be possible to have this available in the next release?


I would also like to see this @KoryKramer 


Select By Attributes is another window I'd like to see preserve size. Often the data in the fields used for the selection query are longer than the widths of the tiny windows, and unless you use Apply to keep the window open, the resizing is lost for the next use.


Was about to suggest this idea.

For me the main issue is when the Pro "file explorer" window opens - for example when I go to add a folder connection or change the data source from the properties dialog box. The window that pops up is VERY small and I have to resize it every single time. It's quite frustrating.

I am also constantly having to resize the immediate windows, like the calculate field pop-up.


Hey @JakeKrall  @Jimmy_Simpson  - the issue with 'Add Data,' 'Add Folder Connection,' and all those similar browse boxes seems to be an issue with 2.9.2 and should be fixed again in 3.0 per Esri - see 2.9.2 add data box appearing quite small.

As for the other boxes resetting every time you open them - agree.


It doesn't appear to be fixed in 2.9.3 either!  


@JakeKrall  agree with you, but you should consider creating that as a separate idea - so people can upvote and discuss, and so Esri can address separately. It's unlikely to be addressed if only shared in a comment as it is harder for others to locate and track support for.

Suggest an idea


@rburke   I agree and will do.