Relative paths in unmanaged raster catalogs

09-23-2011 11:22 AM
Status: Open
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It would be nice to be able to create an unmanaged raster catalog in a file geodatabase where the path to the rasters is relative to the location of the file GDB.
I second this.
+1 for relative paths! UNC paths or 4x slower in my testing than local! We need to store the FGDB on the ArcGIS server so the paths need to be loca when ArcGIS server accesses the raster catalog for best rendering perfomance but we need the be able to access the raster catalog items from a client workstation through a file share too. If the paths in the raster catalog were relative it should work for both local access for speed and remote access for convience. 
I second the second, and then second that second of the second, etc....  Yet more enterprise funcationality missing from an enterprise-y product.
Quick follow up....  I did just read on a 2007-vintage Esri forum posting, Raster File Geodatabase w/ Relative Linksthat this isn't an issue wth Personal Geodatabases because of some built-in "auto-find" function, I am guessing with the Jet database engine.  I found the final quote of the thread by an Esri product engineer rather illuminating on what are chances are for this issue to be addressed:

Unfortunately this is only working for pGDB at the moment. This functionality should be fixed for fileGDB soon. Sorry for any confusion.

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