Refresh table Graphic in layout via arcpy

09-01-2010 06:14 PM
Status: Open
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 Refresh table Graphic in layout via arcpy.  It would be nice to have the capability to refresh the graphic for tables that have been added to a layout, rather than just working with a static graphic, a dynamic graphic would be more useful and more powerful for scripting graphic element placement via arcpy.

Do you want something like elm.refresh()? Or does arcpy.refreshActiveView() work for you? It will refresh the entire layout, which can be slow, depending on your data, etc.
So, I want to add table to layout (via arcpy), which we can do currently (Manually).  When the table is added, I want the capapbility to have a dynamic connection between the graphic element in the layout to the table, but when it is added to the layout it would retain a static behavior.  A refresh of the static table would refresh the display (Behind the scenes it is dynamically linked).  The property could be elem.refreshTableGraphic or something to this effect.  This would be very helpful to the users like us who use tables in our maps.

I would really like this feature too. arcpy.RefreshActiveView() does not do the trick. Right now I'm using the mapping module to create several maps of different areas using an index feature. The different areas have different attributes associated with the features, so I need to update a table in the layout for each area. I use a .csv file which I insert as a linked object. I edit the .csv from Python, but now I need to open and close the tables manually for it to be updated. A property in the mapping module for updating the table would be really great.