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Reference Scale for single layers

12-02-2010 02:05 PM
Status: Open
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Set the reference scale of a particular layer only.

At the moment when you set a reference scale it's set for the whole data frame. This can be awkward. Say for example basemap annotation displays best at a large scale 1:1000 and to lock it's display effectively you need to set the reference scale to 1:1000, but then you have another layer who's reference scale would be different, or you've got a substantial number of layers already with their symbology set in the mxd for a completely different scale. At the moment you end up juggling it all, taking valuable time up.

The idea's this in the General tab of the properties, where you'd set the min and max scales for the layer, you'd have a box to set the reference scale for that layer only, instead of setting it for all or none.

Yes!  I just came across the need for this too.
This would help me either. And also possibility to set reference scale for groups.