Reference Grid (Graticule & Measured Grid) label format options to be enhanced

02-29-2012 08:22 PM
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I'm happy to be corrected, but at the moment I do not think it is possible to meet any of the following mapping requirements using either ArcMap or ArcPy:
  • 1. Label measured grids using a format like 6828000mN where 68 is superscript, 28 is normal, 000m is superscript and N is normal
  • 2. Label measured grids using a format that at least enables mN and mE to be included even if all the superscripting above cannot be supported
  • 3. Label graticules using a Degrees, Minutes and Seconds (DMS) format where the minutes and seconds can be written as 00 rather than 0
Note that I have excluded Grid and Graticule layers from consideration here, because even if they can support these grid and graticule labelling scenarios they are not dynamic and I need the labelling above in a Maps On Demand (MOD) / Data Driven Pages (DDP) like application.
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The grid label support you requested is available in ArcGIS Pro using grid label tags. For example these tags: 

<FNT size="8"><dyn type="grid" placeValue="100000" digits="2" vAlign="bottom"/></FNT><FNT size="12"><dyn type="grid" placeValue="10000" digits="1" vAlign="top"/></FNT><FNT size="8"><dyn type="grid" placeValue="10000.right" vAlign="top"/>m.</FNT><FNT size="12"><dyn type="grid" cardinalDir="True" vAlign=""/></FNT>

produce a label like this:  



Learn more about grid label tags and how to use them here: