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Redefine field

05-11-2015 01:34 PM
Status: Open
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New Contributor III
Bring back Redefine capability.  Arcinfo used to allow you to create a "redefine" field, which would allow you to treat adjacent characters in multiple fields as a single field, or break up a single field into component fields, without actually creating new fields.  For example, if I have two fields called MajorCode and MinorCode, each 4 characters, allow us to create a Redefine field called FullCode consisting of all 8 characters.  Without having to add a new field and calculate it.
I agree or at least support RDBMS calculated columns since SDE edit sessions currently do not support these field datatypes.

While it may not be an exact answer to the request, Attribute Assistant for ArcMap Attribute Assistant | ArcGIS Solutions allows these types of dynamically triggered field calculations.  It does require having a field in the table to populate.

Similar functionality will be coming to ArcGIS Pro through the use of Attribute Rules.  I don't have links to documentation as this is planned functionality that is not yet released.