rectangle zoom for layout view

07-25-2018 10:59 AM
Status: Already Offered
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In ArcGIS Pro 2.2 the rectangle (marquee) zoom tool can be added to your quick access toolbar or ribbons from the options dialog. This zoom tool only works when you are navigating in a map. In a layout the tool is grayed out. We need to be able to use this tool in layouts as well!


jennifer carrell‌ I wanted to make sure you knew that holding the Shift key with the layout Navigate tool will give you the zoom functionality (please pardon my elementary layout).

The idea is open as Reviewed but I wanted to make sure that you and others on this thread know about this zoom functionality in Pro layouts.


This is good to know - thanks!

Status changed to: Already Offered

The rectangle zoom tool is available in the layout view. Just hold down the Shift key while the Navigate tool is active (active by default) to use it. 


Thanks for letting me know about accessing the rectangle zoom with the shift key. I still would prefer to have a button/tool for this functionality, so I don't have to use both hands. Furthermore, it's confusing that the tool is available in one mode but not the other, so why not simply enable it for layout view?