Reconcile Conflict Dialog Box Expanded Functionality

01-05-2012 01:32 PM
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Conflict Dialog Box should be
1. merged with Version Changes Box (eg. not limited to reconcile),

2. allow functionality even if only changes to one version has occured, not requiring changes in both the edit version and target versions.
It would be great to be able to review non-conflict changes and accept/reject/amend them as required.

The current Version Changes tool is very limited in its functionality. It will show you all the changes, but not let you actually do anything. The Version Differences tool in the Data Reviewer extension is slightly better, as it allows you to browse through the differences and make amendments directly to the affected features in the main map view. However if an individual feature has been incorrectly deleted, there's no way of resurrecting it.

There is some discussion on the topic in the forums:
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