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Recalculate extents without needing to restart ArcGIS Pro to see changes

06-02-2023 11:43 AM
Status: Closed
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ArcGIS Pro 3.1.2 and 2.6.8; File Geodatabase:

I have a feature class where I've deleted some features so the extents are now out of date. 

I use the Recalculate Feature Class Extent geoprocessing tool to update the extents. When I add the FC to a blank map, it still zooms to the old extents. The only way for a blank map to recognize the new extents is to restart Pro. That seems cumbersome to me.

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Could that behavior be changed so that adding a FC with updated extents zooms to the new extents -- without needing to restart Pro? Or am I missing something?


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@Bud I tested this in 3.1.2 and do not see the behavior you're describing. I've asked a colleague from the geodatabase team to take a look and make a call - but this may be invalid as an "idea" as it appears that it may not be generically applicable, could be data-specific, and likely will require some troubleshooting.


Thanks @KoryKramer.

Esri Case 03357776 Recalculate Feature Class Extent not working as expected

Existing Bug:
BUG-000158155: The Recalculate Feature Class Extent tool does not reduce the extent of a feature class after outlying features are deleted.


FYI @Bud Looking into it, since to see the updated extent requires a restart of Pro, this is a bug for Geoprocessing.