Reasons for grayed out tools in documentation.

03-25-2014 02:03 PM
Status: Open
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It would be nice if the help documentation for tools would have reasons that the tool might be grayed out.  The documentation says right click and select "Whatever", but doesn't say what to do if "Whatever" is grayed out.  What might be the cause of it being grayed out?  You program it to be grayed out, why not tell us what those triggers are?  It would sure save me a lot of time searching the forums.

These reasons could be listed like the Related Topics section at the bottom.

Brilliant! With a way to see why a graphical control element is greyed out, we would not need to look things up nearly as often. And like he said, it could simply be a matter of displaying the already existing triggers for greying them out. This is the best idea. Please upvote it.  arcgis pro2.2.4 esri staff


I noticed today that they have done this in ArcGIS Pro. It told me why my save button was grayed out when modifying a field.