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Real multi-monitor support: include ribbon, QAT with floating views

02-07-2022 01:24 PM
Status: Open
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I tend to work with tables floating on a second monitor so they don't junk up my workspace. However, all the table tools live in a tab on the ribbon. I typically keep some tables open at all times, and only go to them when I need to - often back and forth between the main application and the table as I edit, work on my layout, use geoprocessing tools, etc. It's cumbersome enough to have to go between monitors to get to the table controls; it's even less appealing when I have to click on and off the table tab while juggling other tasks just to get my controls. It is also not always clear which view the ribbon is going to talk to when you use it (especially when the view pulled away is of the same type as that in the mainframe). Fortunately, most of the things I need are available through a right-click menu on the table headers or somewhere, but it would be much more intuitive and convenient to have more of the controls right there where I need them - in the table window. Moving the table, fields, domains, etc. ribbon tabs to the table window makes sense to me. In the case of the table tab, about half of those functions are already present on that table toolbar anyway, so maybe they could just be added to that interface and the ribbon tab done away with.

In general, it would make more sense if ALL views brought a ribbon & QAT with them. It would improve muscle memory and efficiency.


@wayfaringrob You could add all the commands from each tab to a custom tab.  Does this help?




@JonathanNeal  Wouldn't that still show up in the main application window? I'm not aware of any way to add ribbon tabs to the table window, period.


@wayfaringrob I see what you want now.  Adding the ability to customize the View Ribbon.  I think there is a way to do it with Add-Ins, forwarding it to the team for a more actionable comment.


@JonathanNeal  I don't think we're on the same page. That is not what I'm suggesting. The View tab is already customizable. I'm suggesting that the table, fields, and domain tools should live directly above the table, fields, or domain views when pulled away from the application window.


@KoryKramer @JonathanNeal 

Slightly related to this is that adding a "save" button to the Fields pane will simply remind the user that they may want to save before closing the window. Currently it is easy to be making edits to the fields and change which Tab of the Ribbon you are looking at, especially when using a floating pane for a table on a different monitor. You then must go back to the correct tab if you want to save it without closing the fields pane. 

I currently use the Save Edits and Save Project buttons in the "Customizable Quick Access Toolbar" all the time. 


Being able to see if it was saved in the pane would be a nice feature.

Mock up of proposed save buttonMock up of proposed save button

If the button were to be colored when there were unsaved edits and grayed out when everything was saved (like the other save buttons) this would be great.


@LarsArneson  As of 3.1 Pro does prompt you to save when closing the fields view which is nice. But I agree, the save button should still be there in case you're not wanting to close, and controls in general should live with the window, not a mile away on a tab that may or may not need another click to get to. It's like putting the gas pedal in the driver's seat and the steering wheel in the trunk. There's a certain dizziness induced by using Pro and its "contextual" switching that I would appreciate going away for good; this would be a big step in the right direction though I'd still prefer the return of toolbars.


We need more of this:


In practice, this kind of UI is nothing short of fantastic. The tools are right where I need them and I can quickly set up a complex model and submodels. No hunting and pecking for commands on a different screen or messing with having to activate or switch ribbon tabs. I have noticed a bug when hitting save on a model that's not active, but I've reported this through tech support. Well done Esri!!!