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07-12-2012 11:33 PM
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While the new domain tools in 10.1 are a good addition I would like to be able to manually re-order a domain that is not in any alphabetical order such as below.0EME0000000TR9V
The Domain Tools from that could be added to previous arcgis versions were great. Something similar to how that would allow you to manually-ish reorder a domain would be a useful tool.
I wasn't able to get that sample to work in 10.1.

On domains it would be helpfull to be able to reorder your "Coded Values" and also be able to insert new values into your "Coded Values" list.
This is exists in ArcGIS 10.1 as a tool called Sort Coded Value Domain. Try looking in Help.
Yes please, integrate manually sorting the values of a domain. Not alphabetically, but manually. When editing in ArcMap, we would like to have the mostly used values on top of the drop down list. The only way to achieve this is to manually sort the domain and put the most important values on top of the list. Thanks a lot!
Martina Hörauf
I just had to work with this  this yesterday.   The dialog canot be resized, scroll bars are fiddly, along with all the issues you've listed here.  You cannot double-click to fit column width to data, and for extra-long entries, you cannot even drag out past the window, you have to click-drag over and over and over and over... It's a terrible, horrible interface.

..and it gets worse!  Not only it is impossible to sort any of the columns, if you edit a subtype, ArGIS slaps it back to the bottom of the list.  This means after a number of edits, the list makes no sense at all, and is a mish-mash jumble of items in a random order.

In order to actually sort the domain, you must edit each and every entry, then manually edit them all in order. One. At. A. Time. Pressing. Apply. After. Each. And. Every. Edit.  
...and then hope you've got it right, becuase if not... you get to do it all again!  Whee! /s

Yes, I did try the ArcTool.  It failed, saying the DB was locked, despite me being the only user connected.

My org is using a Domain Sort Add-In tool that had been downloaded many, many years ago which still works in 10.5.1 and hopefully still works in 10.7.  The link for the download from the OP does not work (not surprising as it is 7 years old).

Would anyone know if this functionality is already/will be built into ArcMap's successor ArcPro?  This is really a core tool for GIS admins so it would be important to make it available to Pro so org's can make a complete migration to Pro.


(Coded value) Domain sorting is supported out of the (tool) box with the Domain Toolset

This doesn't help Peter Russell or anyone else who wants to manually order a domain. 


Are you using this hack in Pro?  This hack allows you to place coded value domains in any order you like?  This is the use case that I am looking at as my org does not have all coded value domains in alpha-numeric order for business reasons.  This would be a needed tool if we migrated our SDE admin tasks to Pro, as the Add-In currently used is only available for ArcMap/ArcCatalog.


For a bit of manual 'hacking' it is possible to manually reorder a domain, but it's a real PITA.  Hence why this idea is important.

  1. Find the domain
  2. Go through all subtypes in numerical (or preferred) order and rename with '.' at the beginning or ending
  3. Press OK, close window
  4. Open subtypes on domain again to see the new order
  5. Now, start at the beginning and remove the '.' from the item you want to the the very first one (and rename it if needed)
  6. Apply
  7. Do 2nd entry
  8. Apply
  9. Do 3rd entry
  10. Apply
  11. etc etc ad nauseum for the rest of the domain

Each time you rename a subtype, it will be tossed to the end of the table, and this is how it will be presented to LE users.

If you want to rename an entry (e.g. 'South Esk Water' to 'Deprecated') and keep its order, you must use the above procedure to rename that subtype and all subsequent subtypes. Do not ask why, just thank Esri for this 'feature'!


It would be a nice feature to manually re-arrange the domain values. But I was able to re-order the domains this way:

  1. Re-name the domains with numbers at the beginning in the order you want them to appear (e.g. 3 domainvalue, 1 domainvalue, 2 domainvalue, etc).
  2. Run the 'Sort Coded Value Domain' tool. This will re-order the domains numerically.
  3. Re-name the domains and remove the numbers.

Hopefully this helps someone.  But I'd still like to be able to manually move them, too.