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07-12-2012 11:33 PM
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While the new domain tools in 10.1 are a good addition I would like to be able to manually re-order a domain that is not in any alphabetical order such as below.0EME0000000TR9V
The Domain Tools from that could be added to previous arcgis versions were great. Something similar to how that would allow you to manually-ish reorder a domain would be a useful tool.
I wasn't able to get that sample to work in 10.1.



I usually don't post on forums, but I was struggling with this same issue, and I "believe" I found a very simple solution that is working flawlessly for me so far *knock on wood*. For a Condition Domain it was being ordered High > Low > Moderate, but I wanted it to be High > Moderate > Low.

I tried a lot of the ideas on this thread, but what eventually worked best for me was to: open up the domain in ArcGIS Pro, select the domain that I want to reorder, then change the "Code" column to 1, 2, 3 (the order I want the list to appear), saved it - reopened the domain - and the order was exactly how I wanted it to be. You can make the Description column whatever you want.



Code: HIGH Description: High

Code: MOD Description: Moderate

Code: LOW Description: Low



Code: 1 Description: High

Code: 2 Description: Moderate

Code: 3 Description: Low


Hopefully the simplistic Code values won't cause any unforeseen issues, but with how simple this was to reorder domains, it will definitely be the method I use unless I run into any issues as a result of this method.


Hope this helps someone!



It would be useful if we could reorder the domain code entries manually.  In the example below I would like to move "OOJ" to the last entry of the coded value domain table.






Hey Gang, 

I think I have a solution.

  1. Create a table withthe code and description and a numeric sort field.
  2. Sort the table using the Sort tool.
  3. Create the domain using the Table to Domain tool.

Seems to work in ArcGIS Pro 2.8.

Have fun!