Rastor Mosaic- Download Selected Rasters...Functionality

03-29-2012 08:45 AM
Status: Open
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This is a great tool within the new Mosaic format. It makes exporting data to oddley shapped boundaries much faster then scripting. However, the limit of 20 rasters is really anoying. It should be unlimited. Additionally the type of output option under settings appears not to work. I have used 2 different import formats (img and generic raster) and even though my setting are set to export an IMG file they always export as tiffs.
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Stumbled upon this post while searching something on support.esri.com; if you right -click on your mosaic dataset in ArcCatalog and choose Properties, then the Defaults tab, you can edit the "Maximum Number of Items Downloadable per Request" under Download Properties at the bottom of the display.  I believe 20 is the default but this can be edited to a number of your choosing.

Phil Royal
Esri Professional Services