Range Domain Validation

10-24-2012 03:45 AM
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It would be useful if the validation of range domains was "on the fly" rather than having to select all your features and then validate features under the editor toolbar.  Surely the time taken to set up the domain and to then validate is longer than to select by attributes of those invalid range values?
It seems that all the validation does is select those invalid values anyway.

Have a look at this page on the ideas site, there is a comment about turning on an "always validate" on table.  This works great if you are in TABLE VIEW mode. But who ever uses that when creating new features in a FeatureClass, especially now in ArcGIS 10 and the new template method?

If you are going to attribute a feature you are going to do it in the Attributes Window accessed from the Editor toolbar. This does not enforce the domain range. So Gemma's idea still stands.
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