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"Close All" and "Close Other" Panes in ArcGIS Pro

04-08-2020 01:50 AM
Status: Open
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In ArcGIS Pro, the number of Panes build up quite fast (Create Features, Geoprocesing, Catalog etc.) Now I can close them one by one, but in many cases I would like to close them all or all but one.

Would it be possible to implement such a button? A "Close All Panes" or "Close Other Panes" button.


While it isn't exactly what you're proposing, there is a Reset Panes functionality that allows you to quickly close everything but the Catalog pane (for Mapping), or everything except the Geoprocessing pane (for Geoprocessing), or editing (but this one sets up the Attributes Pane, Create and Modify features, so not really applicable to this conversation):

Maybe this will help ease the pane?


It does actually ease the pane For me this is perfect. Sometimes the tabs build up quite fast and this way I can close them fast, keeping the Catalog open.


Glad to hear that!  We can leave the idea open, but it's good to know (and for folks who might come across it looking for the same functionality) that Reset Panes gets the job done quite nicely.

Thank you!


Reset Panes is helpful but it would be way better to add more functionality to the various tab groups in the view.  Adding the standard web-browser-type things like 'Close All', 'Close Others', etc (like that mapping tabs have) to the non-mapping tab groups would be a much better improvement.  This would also be enhanced if each group of tabs, depending on where they are docked, have separated closing behaviors.



When you do editing in Pro , since now most of the actions are Run via Tool, you accumulate a lot of Tabs in the Pane Window.  When you're done, you would want to clean up your panes and do other things, you have to close each Tab one by one.

How about a context menu similar to Chrome and Firefox browsers, Close other tabs and Close tabs to the right .



Not really what you're asking for, but you can reset your panes, maybe that helps somewhat:




Oh I see ... this will do 🙂

Thanks .