"Calculate Geometry" tool does not read the transformation information you set in the map

02-03-2021 07:52 AM
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The map display is correct. The problem is that the Geometry calculation does not read the transformation information you set in the map.  If  you can change the transformation and the result of Geometry calculation is always the same.  The workaround is using ‘Add XY table to point” to create a new feature class.  In the tool, you can set the output coordinate to NAD27  in Environment. Then the Geometry calculation will give you correct result.

I loaded an existing feature class into the map.  The coordinate system is NAD83.

Set the Coordinate of the map to NAD 27,UTM12. The  X,Y in map display is correct but the result of geometry calculation is wrong,

Change  Map Coordinate  back to NAD 83,UTM12. Everything is correct now.

If you want to do geometry calculation, you need  to create a new feature class and set the output coordinate to NAD27. Then the geometry calculation will work.



The 'Add Geometry Attributes' tool works good.   A very odd way to do it and especially when anyone coming from ArcMap would have been so used to calculating the way I was doing. Hopefully Esri update this in future releases .


I have an address point file with xy coordinates.. X1 Y1 contains values for World 1984.. X2 Y2 are in the map projection Ohio State State Plane South.. I just noticed when calculating the geometry values for X1 Y1 the calculation is slightly off. 


How do I fix this?