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Quicker way to download

10-15-2019 05:23 AM
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Dear ESRI Team,

within large organisations like universities it would be helpful that the students could reach software downloadlinks directly.

Actually they need a EVA-*** Number first to activate this and download software in a further step.

Also for Software that does not use this Activiation code as ArcGIS Pro...

As University staff I'm responsable for students ArcGISonline account administration, connecting them with Universities account and Students License distribution (EVA-*** Numbers).

This is a bit of work for  administration as students will come mostly individual to me for their applications. We try to concentrate this via teaching stuff so that I can proceed with lists etc.

Students are hearing from your Software in lessons in the morning. Next step is that they want download and install the software. But they can not proceed as they have to ask for EVA-Code first.

However to shorten the registration and activation workflow on our side it would be better for us that the download is available without known EVA-*** code.

Thank you


University of Applied Sciences Munich

Department of Geoinformatics

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Jörg, *

Don't see too much reason for Esri to make the installers an open access resource--a student activating their EVA code is still a reasonable time for 'customer' intake--can't fault Esri for that. Especially as they still essentially give us the software.

I've had to train my faculty not to invite students to our University's '' portal just to be able to download Esri software and access the

And, Esri suggests that we deliver the installers to students locally--including now allowing them to use the ESU provisioning files.

So, use a centralized IT software store, or as I do with an internal ftp/MFT and post up the installers--then have faculty give that link to the students. Get yourself out of the middle.

You can still issue the 1yr student EVA codes, and provision AGOL accounts for ArcGIS Pro and access.  Or you can obtain and issue the EVA codes in blocks to your faculty, and also train them to administer the AGOL portal for doing student invites.



I agree with Stuart on this one. There are two parts of this: 1. Downloading the software and 2. Authorizing the software.

1. I think the best way to handle this is to provide the current download in an accessible location on your network and then point students to that.

2. For ArcGIS Pro using the Named User license model, there is a new option earlier this year to configure new member defaults.  There is also a blog about Best Practices for Administering ArcGIS in Education that may be useful.

We'll mark this idea 'reviewed' but given the above, I don't see this gaining much traction.