Query Layers: Show Field Properties

09-05-2023 10:11 AM
Status: Open
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On 2.9

For reference: Query Layers: View fields and field properties - Esri Community

I want to be able to see field properties in query layers.

The option is currently greyed out, meaning that I have to go back to the source table(s) to figure out (for example) if that number column is actually numbers or text. Ditto to view domains.



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To prove this point, we are able to see the field properties of database views in ArcGIS Pro (2.6.8):


Query layers and database views are normally treated similarly in ArcGIS Pro. So, like you, I would have expected the Fields view to work for query layers, just like database views.

As a last-resort workaround, I suppose you could temporarily create a database view from the query layer SQL, take a look at the Fields properties of the database view, and then delete the database view. That's pretty ugly though.