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Query Layer — Make validation optional

06-06-2023 12:18 PM
Status: Open
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An idea for faster query layer creation -- to make query layers more practical for ad hoc analysis. Currently, query layers are a bit too slow/clunky for one-off data analysis tasks.


Idea: Don't force me to click Validate. Let me attempt to create a query layer using manual or default inputs. For example, add a checkbox to automatically use the default settings without needing to validate.

Note: Part of the slowness when hitting Validate might be due to the query being executed. That's not necessary; I know that my query is valid because I built it and ran it in a SQL client. 


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Here's a related blurb from the original post:

I find query layers are a bit fiddly to set up. They take just a little bit longer to create than I'd like, so I don't use them as often as I should.

Believe it or not, creating a database view using a SQL client is often faster:

create or replace view ad_hoc_vw as select * from roads where ...  

It seems kind of backwards to create database views for ad-hoc analysis. That's where query layers ought to come in, since they're temporary in the map, not persistent in the database like views.

...Is there anything that can be done to make creating a query layer more streamlined, to facilitate fast-paced ad-hoc analysis?