Python Toolboxes inside a Geodatabase

04-17-2013 11:30 AM
Status: Closed
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Allow Python Toolboxes to be created inside of the Geodatabase.

Currently, Python Toolboxes can only be created in a Folder. But I can create a Toolbox inside a Geodatabase and Add a Python Script to a Toolbox inside a Geodatabase, so why can't I Create a Python Toolbox inside a Geodatabase?!
Great idea!
Status changed to: Closed

Thank you for sharing your idea to allow Python Toolboxes to be created inside of Geodatabases. We appreciate your suggestion and the thought you've put into it. 

The purpose and strength of Python Toolboxes lies in their simplicity and compatibility with various text editors and version control systems. They are designed to be easily authored, edited, and shared, even in deployments without the Pro application (Server). This flexibility makes Python Toolboxes a developer-friendly alternative to script tools in an .atbx format. 

After carefully considering the idea to enable .pyt Python Toolboxes to be stored inside of Geodatabases, we have concluded that we cannot support this idea. Storing Python Toolboxes in Geodatabases would remove the useful distinction between .pyt Python Toolboxes and .atbx Script Tools as outlined in the previous paragraph. 

We value your feedback and encourage you to continue sharing your ideas. Thank you for your understanding and support!