Python Raster Functions

03-13-2017 12:50 PM
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There are many useful tools in the ArcPy library, particularly the Spatial Analyst tools, which could be deployed as Python Raster Functions for use in a mosaic or image function chain.  There is some documentation on GitHub on how to construct a Python Raster Function but there is nothing on how to integrate any of the functionality into a new function.  Having this capability allows the user to create, for example, a mosaic of a terrain derivative based on a complex function using calls to the libraries.  Having "cookbook" documentation explaining the steps would be very useful.

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Yes I have. That is how I got started on Python Raster Functions. There is one function I eventually found (after much searching all over the GitHub site as well as other google queries) in,, which integrated the arcpy library.


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I re-reviewed the git-hub documentation on Python Raster Functions and was finally able to understand it and figure out what may be going on “under the hood”. Nevertheless, it would be nice to have that background made explicit and have a “cookbook” with different types of examples, including integrating with Spatial Analyst tools or other extensions.