Provide tool (hover) tips for symbol classes in the ArcGIS Pro Symbology Pane

09-19-2018 08:24 AM
Status: Open
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Esri Contributor

In the ArcGIS Pro Symbology Pane, the values for different symbol classes are sometimes too long to fit in the cell.  Typically in this situation software will provide a tip that comes up when you hover on the value, allowing to you see the entire text string.  ArcGIS Pro doesn't do this, and I wish it would.

The attached screenshot shows longer symbol class values that don't have a hover-enabled tip to expose the entire text string.

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Hey Mark - if you double click on the right side of the Value and Label header, the column expands out to the width of the largest field.  Then you can see the full text.  But I agree a hover tip would be nice.