Provide links to bugs related to geoprocessing tools directly through the ArcGIS Resource documentation

03-04-2016 10:29 AM
Status: Open
Esri Community Moderator
Unfortunately sometimes there are bugs with geoprocessing tools. In many cases, there are known issues that get carried over from one release into the next, meaning that even though we know a tool won't work as designed, there is no way to tell this even if we diligently read all of the documentation related to the tool. 

If there were a section in tools' documentation that pointed customers to open bugs related to the tool, it would be extremely helpful.

Furthermore, many bugs already have a listed workaround. If we could find the bug and workaround directly from the tool's documentation, this would allow us to continue our work right at that moment, instead of potentially losing days, sometimes even weeks, going through standard support channels.

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Thanks Kory - beat me to the punch :)