Provide individual tutorial download for tutorial data

03-15-2012 01:31 PM
Status: Open
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Who wants to install 1.3GB of tutorial data.  I certainly don't, and skipped over this in the installation.  Two years later, I came across an issue, saw a tutorial for publishing a GP service for selecting data that  I thought, hmmm...I should check this out.  Easier said than done. 

If there was an easy accecss button, say in your account to permit you to download the relevant data (or say a link for tutorial data) that is available to everyone, that would be great.
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In the grand scheme of GIS data, 1.3 GB isn't that much. I could see if it was on the machines of many users in an organization it could add up though.
That being said, our IT person puts a copy of the tutorial data on the server. If a user needs to do a tutorial, they copy the data that they need onto their network drive. That way all the licensed users have access to it, but don't *have* to have all of it.
I posted something similar a few months back.  It would be great if that Tutorial Data was more openly available.  I had no problem finding the PDFs to the tutorials, but searched for quite a while for the data.  As I searched for it, in some places it would say that it was on a separate Tutorial Data disc.  In other places it would say that it was on the full installation of ArcGIS.  It just seems that if you can utilize the tools and extensions necessary for the tutorials then you should be able to access the tutorial data easily.