Provide Font List for Point Symbol Callout in ArcGIS Pro Labels

06-04-2019 10:43 AM
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I think it would be incredibly useful to provide your machine's installed font list as an option when trying to create a point symbol callout for labels in Pro.

Currently, when I create a point symbol callout label in Pro (2.3.3) and select "More Point Symbols", I'm provided a gallery of point symbols for the project.  I think it would be beneficial to have the option to browse your installed fonts in order to have the ability to select a specific character from an installed font.

I don't really want to have to create a point symbol just to use it as a callout in a label.

Similarly, what if I want multiple characters in my callout, I'd like to be able to add characters to the callout as needed.

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Hi @mpboyle 

If you're not interested in creating styles for your point symbol callouts, you can access the fonts through the Format Embedded Point Symbol pane.  See the gif below