Provide C# and VB.NET IDE inside of Arcmap and ArcCatalog

09-29-2011 08:20 AM
Status: Open
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A lot of users are having difficulty making the jump from VBA to .NET.

Instead of requiring them to download Visual Studio and use add-ins, Esri should provide an option that is more similar to the good old VBA customization experience, leveraging codedom compiler.

For the IDE, perhaps one similar to SharpDevelop, within desktop apps.

As with VBA, the code modules would travel with the document.  Unlike VBA, the same Arcmap singleton used in Add-ins would be provided.  This would make it easy to migrate .NET code from the document to the add-in at a later time.  I don't think storing code in mxt files is needed - make people use add-ins if they want to share customizations.

Basically, it would be an add-in that is stored within the document, is edited with something like sharpdevelop, and compiled with CodeDom.

Administrators should be able to configure a machine to either allow,alert, or deny running add-ins that are stored in documents.
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