Provide ArcPy functionality to modify all address locator settings

02-01-2017 10:39 AM
Status: Open
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Rebuilding an address locator can sometimes fail and the details of how to create that locator are lost. Therefor, recreating the address locator each time instead of rebuilding is sometimes more convenient than rebuilding. When this process is scripted with Python, the default settings of an address locator often need to be changed after creation. Would be great to have access to these additional address locator settings through ArcPy.

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I create locators using python as a scheduled task.  This practice ensures the latest, greatest data is being used.  It would be nice if there were a set of arcpy methods that would allow me to set any of the locator properties as part of that script described here:


@BlakeTerhune  - I just discovered that what I consider an important property 'Match with no zone' cannot be set in arcpy, only manually.

Consistency is half the battle with creating locators especially if you are creating and recreating them on a regular scheduled basis. Any and all properties of a new style locator should available to to arcpy imho.

Here's a trick to show what properties can be exposed and/or set with arcpy.  Those marked with F indicate a function for geocoding, not a property of the locator itself:



@feralcatcolonist_old What in the are you not able to set when building the locator using ArcPy?


@ShanaBritt I'm looking to set the "Match with no zones" option; this is necessary for our organization as we maintain data outside of our jurisdiction for purposes of mutual aid and wayfinding for our emergency services. Otherwise every search would need to include ", CITY NAME" to return matches.


This does not appear to be currently available within the Locator Class as a read/write property