Provide an Option to Lock Attribute Table Scroll Positions

10-14-2021 01:56 PM
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I want to stop the attribute table from returning to the start, top, bottom, end, etc. when I make a selection, etc.  It should stay in place. That is where I want it.  I am working on specifice fields in a table with a LOT of fields and it is  a waste of time to scroll to find a field every time I do something.  No bueno.

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We agree that this is "No bueno" @RobertHursey and would be considered more of a bug than an idea since "when I make a selection, etc.  It should stay in place" is the designed and expected behavior. The dev team already has a related issue to look into a specific case of the attribute table "jumping" - in the case that they have documented, they have seen that clicking the row header (the gray box to the left of the row) causes the table to scroll to the first column. 


Is that what you are seeing?  (Important note that I do not see this when working in 2.8.3 which is why I had to draw the arrow at the bottom because the table didn't actually jump to the first column).

When you are making a selection, are you making the selection interactively in the table?  Are you making the selection interactively in a map with the table open?  Or are you using the Select by Attributes tool to make the selection?

And when you say that the table returns "to the start, top, bottom, end, etc." does it return to the start of the table (I interpret that as the left-most column), the top (first row), bottom (last row), or end (right-most column) in different circumstances?

It will be necessary to get specific details in order to understand the cause and fix it.

Thank you for any additional information you can provide! 


I'm in 2.8.3 and the attribute table jumps around all over the place If you calculate a field it jumps to I'm not sure where - I thought to the field that you have clicked on (on the field heading) and I think mainly it actually puts this field as the last field shown in the attribute table window.  But if you are calculating a bunch of fields and rather than doing a new field calculation each time you just change the Field Name (Existing or New) in the Calculate Field window to a new field then it will jump the attribute table back to the beginning.  I'm trying all this just in the selected features view of the attribute table.  I know it does other weird stuff in other situations but I haven't looked into that specifically.

Status changed to: Closed

The development team has acknowledged this as a bug and entered the following issue to work on: 

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