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Provide additional means to limit extent of tile package

06-26-2012 10:03 AM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor III

In ArcMap 10.1, when sharing a map document as a tile package, the extent of the tile package is limited to the display extent in the map. The Create Map Tile Package geoprocessing tool does not appear to respect the Processing Extent environment setting.

It would be helpful to provide other means of limiting the tile package extent, such as the options provided by the Processing Extent environment setting.

It would be excellent if the "Create Map Tile Package" tool supported the same "Area of Interest" clipping that the "Manage Tile Cache" tool has.

Currently I have to run the 'Create Map Tile Package' over a very large area, and this appears to only support clipping to the displayed extent which can only be a rectangle.   I then draw a polygon around just the smaller areas I am interested in and then run the 'Manage Tile Cache' tool with the 'Area of Interest' set to this polygon.


When voting for this idea, please consider leaving a comment to share how this would be beneficial in your workflows.

For example, an area of interest surrounding a river, following a road, etc. We'd like to hear some of your examples!




I'm the Inventory & Analysis Forester on the Bayfield County Forest in northwest Wisconsin.  I prepare tiled basemaps for Collector that our foresters take offline into the field on their Android tablets.  Our forest is 170,000 acres.  A great deal of processing time is required to first clip a raster to our irregularly-shaped forest boundaries before a tile package is created from that clipped raster as a second step.  I'd love to see a more streamlined process. 


I work in utilities. 

Pretend I have a 50-mile utility corridor, and I only care about an area that's 1/2 mile wide (1/4 mile on either side of the centerline of the utility feature). Also pretend that the corridor runs 25 miles north-south, then it makes a 90-degree turn and runs another 25 miles east-west.

If I'm forced to create a rectangular tile package around the extent of my corridor, I have to download 625 sq. miles of imagery. I will use only the 25 sq. miles that's in my corridor, or 4% of the imagery in the tile package I created. It's an intentionally extreme example, and I'm probably fudging the math a little, but it would be dramatically more efficient if I could create a tile package centered just around the irregularly-shaped area I need, instead of having to use a rectangle to define my area of interest.