Provide a way to label extent indicators

09-14-2017 10:03 AM
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When a layout includes multiple data frames (ArcMap) or multiple maps (ArcGIS Pro) with many of those being used as extent indicators, it can become confusing which extent indicator belongs to which inset map.  

Distinguishing them by color and/or pattern is significant work, and may not convey the desired reference information that a label could.  Maps having multiple insets can be clear about identifying the insets without the extra work of customizing the symbology of the nameless inset rectangles and their associated dataframe boundaries.


Leaders are available in ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro in the layout.  This could be helpful for a limited number of inset maps but could get cluttered if a large number of insets are being used.  I just wanted to share this existing functionality for those who might review this idea:


I am sure* the OP already knows about leader lines for extent indicators. Does your above example appear easy to read? Wouldn't an ordinal labeling system look a little nicer?


I think this is a great idea. It has a name that could be used in a dynamic text tag. Please implement.


It would be nice to have a way to name the extent indicators. I'm writing a report in which several maps occur and one map on a separate page in the report provides an overview containing all the extent indicators, so leaders aren't usable here.

I use manually placed textboxes and that's a work around.


edit: posted this in 2021 and found it again (nov 2023) after searching for exactly the same problem ...

en fin, back to the workaround, manual fiddling.


I need this.  I have a layout with 9 map frames (1 main frame and 8 enlargement map frames).  Each of I do have extent indicators with line leaders, but the government department requires them all to have "See enlargement X" labels.

This is not a one-off map, either.  It is a type of map I have to produce on a regular basis.  Labelling each of these extent indicators with a graphic/text/annotation every time, is very tedious.  All the data required to create automatic labels for them is already there in the extent properties.


This is a great idea. I just ran into this sort of situation today where it would be incredibly helpful to label the maps. The leaders are nice, but a label would be simpler for organizing.


Has the label extent indicator feature been added? I often produce map series with sites that are in different, sometimes 50 to 100 miles apart, the extent indicators are typically collapsed to a point as shown in the picture below, but I would like the label to be associated with the indicator point so it moves with the point across each map in the map series. Is there a way to do this?




Je vous propose d’utilisé les proportions du symbole




J’espère que ça répond à ta question 😉