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Proportional Symbols in Vector Tile Packs

07-18-2023 09:54 AM
Status: Open
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Currently, proportional symbology is not allowed when publishing vector tiles (error 00085: Layer uses an unsupported renderer or property). In our organization, we use proportional symbology for our pipelines in order to have the pipeline width match the real-life width (based on a diameter field). In Map Image Services (which we use in web apps), this symbology works well for our users as they can visualize the pipelines as they actual are (in dark blue on the right of the below image).

Map Image Service Example.png

However, we use vector tiles in our custom mobile apps that are used in the field. In this case, the inability to use proportional symbols makes the pipelines appear inaccurately next to the other features which opens room for misunderstanding and interpretation (see the thin dark blue line in the below image of a vector tile service of the same features as the above image).

Vector Tile Example.png

We tried utilizing varying size symbology by attribute, but this just varies the width not according to an actual real-life dimension. Not being able to size the lines based on real-life dimensions means that the lines are either a decent width when zoomed out but too thin when zoomed in or a decent width (not completely accurate) when zoomed in but too large when zoomed out. We would greatly appreciate the ability to use proportional symbology in vector tiles.