Prompt to Save Edits when Opening Fields View

08-07-2019 01:19 PM
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One little but rather annoying inconvenience is when I do a brief edit on a layer, usually something small like changing a value, and then sometime later I go into Fields View to add or format a field or even add a domain...only to see the save button grayed out and a warning that I'll lose all my unsaved changes if I exit. So to activate the Fields-View save button I'll have to save edits under the Edit Tab, which practically means I have to exit Fields View and lose my changes, save, and start all over.

Why not a prompt to warn me to save my edits before I go into Fields View in the first place?


It isn't necessary to close the Fields View to switch over to any map and save edits.  Whenever I've done this, I'm able to switch over and save edits and the Save button in Fields View becomes enabled right away.

Status changed to: Needs Clarification

As an update, In ArcGIS Pro 3.1, users are able to open the fields view without a prompt to save, however, when you make a new edit in the fields view, a prompt is provided that allows users to save or discard their edits in the attribute table.  I included an image below. 

This allows you to save previous edits from directly inside the fields view without having to leave it.  Does this help you with the issue you've shared about having to leave the view?