Project View in ArcGIS Pro Zoom to Layer

03-31-2017 06:18 PM
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Project View in ArcGIS Pro Zoom to Layer.  Currently, when navigating the Project View in Pro, and I click on a service with a Feature Layer, it shows me the whole world.  It would be nice to zoom to the extent of my Feature Layer.

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It works for Map Services and Web Maps and even small vector layers but not feature layers.


Ted, what do the extents look like for the items where the preview displays the features?  I have two examples here.  The first is a feature layer with a specific extent for the service:

feature extent

And the example from a solutions template where the service's extent does cover the entire world, and the service layers are empty, acting as templates for users to enter data:

world extent

Are you working with a service that has a number of sublayers, with each sublayer having a different extent?

What happens if you double-click the service to reveal each layer?  Clicking on each layer should preview it.

Let me know if that works, and/or if the usability in terms of clicks and accessing the service's layers could be better.