Project logging history to track changes

10-10-2022 06:39 AM
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Managing projects is getting to be an adventure in memory.  It would be good to record some metadata about the project(.aprx) purpose, connections, authors, size, etc...

Many times a project starts off as one thing and ends up another.  We record geoprocessing history.  Can we also record project history?  it would also be nice to recover a project to a previous time.  


That's an interesting topic @graharg_MAO ...I agree I would love to be able to save some metadata on aprx file....and have some form of history retention. I'm curious if there are tools that currently exist. Like the metadata for feature classes. I'm definitely following this thread

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Hello @graharg_MAO,

Thank you for your feedback! 

You can indeed view and edit project metadata in Pro already,  as you would view and edit the metadata for an item in the project.  To view the project metadata, select the Project node in the Catalog view Contents pane.  If the Details panel is open, the project metadata will be shown:


To create or edit the project metadata, select the Project node in the Catalog view Contents pane, and click the Edit button on the ribbon to open the metadata editor view:


Your idea above contains two separate ideas: 1) create and view project metadata, and 2) record project history.  They need to be submitted as separate ideas for ease of idea tracking (please see  

Since 1) is a functionality already offered in Pro, we hope you would agree that there is no need to re-enter an idea for it.  If that's the case, you could just update the current idea title and description to focus on 2) - project history.  Please let us know if you agree.  We are changing the idea status to Needs Clarification in the mean time.

Thank you again for your feedback.


Howdy @ NaicongLi,

  Thanks for advice.  I have changed the title of this thread to capture the idea of logging project history.  Thanks for showing how to view and edit project metadata.

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