Programmatically access HTML Popup in Layer Properties

09-12-2014 03:05 AM
Status: Open
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I would be useful to have access to the HTML Pop-up function in the layer properties via arcpy. Perhaps via the arcpy.mapping module.
Parameters should include:
  • Turn feature on and off
  • Path to Table
  • Field Name of URL in Table
  • URL Prefix
  • Field
  • URL Suffix
Something like the following:
arcpy.mapping.HTMLPopup (layer, TurnOn, {Path_to_Table}, {Field_in_Table}, {URL_Prefix}, {URL_field}, {URL_Suffix})

layer = A variable that references a MapDocument or Layer object. = Object
TurnOn = Booloean to indicate on or off = Boolean
Path_To_Table = Path to table containing URL details. = string
Field_in_Table = Field in above table that contains the URL = string
URL_Prefix = String containing URL prefix (if this is used alone the URL defaults for the whole layer object) = string
URL_field = String referencing field in layer[0] object = string
URL_Suffix = String containing URL suffix = string
Perhaps an optional parameter for a XSL Stylesheet as well

I realize that this is an old request from ArcMap, but thought that I'd post the capability made available in ArcGIS Pro through Python CIM access.  Here is the link to the HTML popup spec: