Profile Graphs preparation using Interpolate Shape (3D) tool

07-05-2011 08:34 PM
Status: Open
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When I want to create a Profile Graph from a polyline it needs to have Z and M attributes.

However if the featureclass has already got M attributes, adding the Z attributes with Interpolate Shape drops the M.
So I have to recreate yet-another-temporary-featureclass to add the M values back.

The reason I want to have M values is to be able to add label points to the graph such as peak names and huts and these need to be in a table with Measures and Z values.

It is also a pity that I cannot refresh a profile using Python, but since the graph process is a third party add-in there is no hope of that. Back to being a "professional button-pusher". If I was able to create the graph template and then load a new featureclass and export it, that would be great.

I get a crash when I try to remove a theme, which generates a crash report. (10.0 SP2 plus patch on win 7)

BTW The mandatory option BILINEAR for a raster DEM surface is not mentioned in the help for the tool, but is in the example help script.

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I have found the Data Management Graph Toolbox that does allow me to script profile. Wonderful!