Pro: "Sharing selected layer as a web layer" feature should be more discoverable

08-07-2020 10:53 AM
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When I select a layer in the Contents and then click on the "New Web Layer" button in the Share As category in the Share ribbon, Analyze says I have warnings because of the basemap. The errors are spurious because I only want to share the layer, not the basemap.


When I right-click on the layer and click on the "Share As Web Layer" menu item, I get a different panel named "Sharing selected layer as a web layer" that correctly populates the Name and does not complain about the basemap.


There is no way to get to the correctly-working user interface from the ribbon.


Please add this hidden feature to the main ribbon to make it more discoverable. Menus (Design basics) - Win32 apps | Microsoft Docs  says that items in the context menu should be redundant with the main UI.

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When the Share As Web Layer pane is launched from the Share tab, all of the supported data layers in your map are published as a web layer. Analyzer warnings appear to inform you which layers are not supported and won't be included in the resulting web layer. If you have basemap layers in your map, you'll see analyzer warnings for them since they aren't supported. Since this is a warning level analyzer, you don't need to remove the basemap layers or take action on them--they will be dropped for you. 

When you share a selected layer with the context menu command, if you haven't selected a basemap layer, you won't see analyzer warnings pertaining to them. We hope you find that placing this command off the layer context menu in Contents, next to where you select them, is ergonomic. 

Analyzers each have a help topic. Right click on the analyzer to open its help topic. Here's the documentation pertaining to your particular case: