Pro: GP tools reatain metadata in output

12-07-2017 08:30 AM
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In Pro, when running a GP tool (e.g Clip) on a feature class that has detailed metadata, there is no metadata in the output. Arcmap GP tools do not strip the metadata from the output. And since Pro has no way to import metadata....


What happens if you go to project Options > Geoprocessing and check on Write geoprocessing operations to log file and dataset metadata?


It looks like that gets a little redesign for 2.1, with Logging split out and writing metadata as default:


half-way there: The "real" metadata is there now if I go to Catalog -> View Metadata, however, the "Map"(?) metadata is still blank (output), where it is populated (source).


Thomas, sorry, I think my original comment from yesterday was off track.  That has to do with writing the gp operations to the metadata, not whether/how metadata is taken from the source and stored in the output. 

Take a look at my comment with screenshots on Pro: Retain map layer metadata when changing data source

The functionality coming in 2.1 will could potentially help with this scenario, if you want to copy source metadata to the layer.

I quickly checked the behavior in ArcMap - even when I have some metadata in the layer

when I run Clip like suggested in this idea's description and look at the output layer (not data source) it is blank.

But the metadata from the data source is carried through into the output feature class' data source.

In ArcGIS Pro 2.0.1 (current release) we see the exact same behavior.  Given that, can you please clarify the original idea and description to detail out what the expectation is?

Thank you!