Pro Geocoding - Add More Status Details

04-24-2020 09:20 AM
Status: Open
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The geocode dialog box shows the count of each match type, but we would like to see a "Total" count added. The percentage complete is just an approximation (it can show 100% when it's really not actually 100% complete), so a total records geocoded would provide better context and not require mental math. For extra credit, it would be an even bigger win if it showed rows left to geocode as well. That math already happened behind the scenes to approximate the percent complete, so just expose the raw counts. 

As an example, this would look something like:

  • Matched = 500
  • Tied = 450
  • Unmatched = 50
  • Total Geocoded = 1,000
  • Remaining = 2,500


I've given you a vote up: what I really want to know is how you are getting those kind of through put numbers: 929,164 an hour is awesome; on a good day if I get 90,000 per hour I'd be doing back flips!


Joe Borgione‌, do use use a local geocoder or a web hosted one?

We were using amazon remote desktops, EC2 instances, and the ArcGIS performance was terrible, even with Pro. We finally figured out the bottleneck was the input/out (I/O) of geocoder and network analyst tool communicating back and forth with the StreetMap Premium database(s). We set up a C5D.xlarge with attached NVMe storage, which is very fast I/O. The performance improved exponentially. 

NVMe: "By its design, NVM Express allows host hardware and software to fully exploit the levels of parallelism possible in modern SSDs. As a result, NVM Express reduces I/O overhead and brings various performance improvements relative to previous logical-device interfaces, including multiple long command queues, and reduced latency. "


I've used both; and we are using our own data.  I suspect it's a network issue but don't tell the IT guys....