Pro: Combine multiple export formats in single Table Export GP tool

08-14-2020 10:10 AM
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Please consider combining more than one export format option in a single "Table to..." GP tool.  Functionality is building in ArcGIS Pro every day, but many related functions are now presented in separate geoprocessing tools and it's becoming cumbersome.  

In ArcMap, users have various choices in one dialogue box, including:

  • File Geodatabase tables
  • dBase tables
  • Text file (I omitted the options which are no longer supported )

When working along and looking for options to complete a project, it's frustrating to click on the Export Table tool to realize - again - that one can only export to another GDB table... and then have to search for the GP tool that will do the job you need.  Having options such as text, Excel, GDB and dBase available in a single tool would be a huge help.  

Currently using Pro 2.4 - if this has been addressed in a subsequent release, please advise!  Thanks.

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Thank you for submitting this idea, Hilary Campbell

When you right-click a layer to export a table, it should launch the Table to Table tool, correct?

Table To Table (Conversion)—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation 

That tool already supports the formats you mention in the idea's description:

Here are the output formats from the tool help:

So is the request then specifically to add Excel (.xls or .xlsx) to the Table to Table tool?  If so, it would be helpful to update the title and description of the idea so that it is more easily discoverable by the community for voting.

Thank you!