Pro: Add the Profile Graph Tool as it works in ArcMap

04-02-2018 07:01 AM
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In Arc, it is very quick and easy for me to draw (not create a 3d line feature), emphasis on click one button and start drawing, a line, hit another button, and have a graph, or 3. Where this comes in handy, in an urgent, time-sensitive situation, is when deciding how to route rescue teams in steep, densely vegetated mountainous terrain in off trail searches. In about 10 seconds I'm able to produce the "yeah, we're not gonna do that" graph, the "well it will be easy coming down" graph, and the "is the helicopter flying today?" graph. I can even (very quickly) do mean things like set the horizontal axis to Logarithmic to create the "doesn't look too steep we can do this" graph. Looks like this has been brought up in the past: Loss of line profile tool in ArcGIS Pro?  , 3D Profile in ArcGIS Pro with no answer, or "Interactive line profiling is not yet available in ArcGIS Pro, it will be added in a future release. Around the 1.2-1.3 time frame.", which doesn't appear to be the case. The existing Profile tools in Pro either take way to many steps, do not produce manipulatable output like you can in Arc unless you choose the Stack Profile tool, and export to Excel, or the Create Chart tool, which does not allow exporting to Excel. Looks like Profile Tools in general need a lot more development before Pro can be considered an "Arc Map Replacement": Elevation Profile ImprovementBatch export profile charts from ArcGIS Pro? , modify defaults for Point Profile Graph , profile graph in ArcGIS pro 2.0 


Yes, I can hit the pencil button and "interactively" draw my lines, then I have to wrestle with chart options (make your own), or export the table: neither of which I have to do with the interactive profile tool in Arc. 

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Implemented in ArcGIS Pro 2.7 with the interactive elevation profile tool. See


the tool should be migrated to Pro with the goal to produce very fast outputs (as described above), but it should also be extended with some additional functions, which can defined optionally: more than one data source (numerous DTMs, non-elevation data (for example a vegetation shapefile), scale for x and y axes, export to dxf and so on. It would help turning ArcGIS Pro to a very tool for engineers.


As a part of our job, me and my five team members have to use the Profile Graph tool to measure the elevation difference on hundreds of polygons a day. This tool was a quick and on the fly method to do this. Without this tool we are unable to migrate to Pro. Please bring it back!!!


it's similar to this: 


The ArcMap method you mention for the Profile Graph Tool utilized graphic lines I believe.  At this time, AGP does not support graphics so the previous workflow is not possible.  As you may know, there is the Profile Graph workflow in AGP but is not as single click easy as you described.  I know customers have been asking for graphics support in AGP - hopeful that this is added to a future release.  (Disclaimer:  I'm an Esri Instructor and have little to know sway in how/what the AGP developers work/plan for future AGP releases.)


Is the creation of these graphs something that will be added to your training classes?


Currently, in our Instructor Led classes, no.  I did a quick look in the Web Courses and only found one written for ArcMap 10.4.  If/when there is graphic support in AGP, perhaps there will be a Web Course for something like this in the future.


Is it possible in ArcPro to create a profile graph using your own elevation data?  I can only find information and tools for using the hosted (credit consuming) elevation sources from ESRI.  We have our own high res LiDAR data and want to generate elevation profiles from that - is it possible?  


it seems ESRI is unfortunately not interested in this topic!!!!!

there are various ideas in this forum regarding this topic, but it seems that nothing happens....

we'll never switch complety to Pro without a tool like this!


How many credits would one graph consume using ESRI's elevation source?

How accurate is ESRI's elevation source compared to your LIDAR data (Maybe you can showcase to ESRI how inaccurate their data is as a use case for them to allow organizations to use their own data sources)?

Try this comparison in ArcMap 10.x as that software is capable of using both your own data and ESRI credit consuming data on just a few samples so you don't consume too many credits during this testing.  This alone proves that ArcMap is currently better as you can utilize either option instead of being restricted just to ESRI's option.

Do you know if ESRI has a sharing program for elevation data so if you provide them with the data, they will incorporate it into their source (This is how data is shared to their AGOL basemaps)?


well, a lidar dtm dataset often has a resolution of 1m, while the ESRI dataset has 10m or much more! it's not useful for most design purposes! image a little creek whis has a depth of 2m and width of 4m. it's not included in the 10m resolution at all....

and in our case the high resolution dtm is mostly  owned by a government acency. that means it must not be shared with somebody else...