Pro: Add data from non-ESRI hosts

05-09-2019 05:52 AM
Status: Open
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It is notoriously difficult to add data from say, Google Drive, Carto, One Drive, a Pro project, with all solutions requiring some sort of spin backwards 3 times while uttering a Gregorian chant in latin workflow. While I suspect the reason for this is that ESRI wants folks using nothing but their products as data source, but the reality is, GIS data is hosted on a variety of platforms. In this wild vision, you click on Add Data (1), select your third part option (2), then pick any of your 3rd party platforms (3, 4 and 5), all of which have well documented API's. 


Thomas - Thank you for your advice on adding data from non ESRI platforms. I don't see the Non-ESRI Platform selection in Add Data in Pro. Anybody knows how to add it?

Thank you


Hi user with first comment,

This feature does not exist. Thomas simply created a mock-up of what it could look like in order to describe the idea. There is no "Non-ESRI Platform" option at this time. Share this with others so they up-vote it and maybe one day there will be.



Hi, you can go a long way with Data Interoperability extension, including browsing cloud storage: