Print/Export Current Visible Extent when Data driven pages are active

04-20-2015 09:30 AM
Status: Open
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When working in an mxd that has data driven pages active I would like to see an option to have the export or print option only export or print the current visible extent rather than the full extent of the Data Driven page (DDP).


A client of mine wanted a pdf of sections 13, 14, and 15 on Map 19.  
Option 1:  Create a special DDP polygon of those sections in the Current DDP feature, Refresh the pages, print/export, delete the new DDP
Option 2: Disable DDP, clear out or modify the text features that were pointing to a DDP attribute.  Print/Export what you need. close mxd without saving.  
Option 3: Maintain a separate MXD for printing/exporting special maps without DDP's

Option 4: When selecting Export Map  and the Export Map dialog opens up.  Under the Pages Tab have a radial button with the choice to print/export the page with the DDP attributes however it does not zoom to the full extent.  

Option 4 does not exist but this is what I envision.