primary display field on table with relationship class

11-16-2011 11:43 AM
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being able to change the primary display field when using the Identify tool with a feature class linked to a table via a relationship class (1-M) and being able to save as a layer (LYR) and retain the new primary display field
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It would be great if the primary display field was set within the Properties of the entitity in question (i.e. Table Properties, Feature Class Properties) so no matter where you opened it (across mxds, each time it was loaded into a new map, etc) the default display value was of meaning. This coincides with my request:
Layer Properties - Display - Display Expression & Hyperlinks Default Fields
How to set primary display field on related table in ArcGIS 9:
  • Open related table in ArcMap
  • Set primary display field
  • Remove related table
Do identity on object with related table, expand tree in identity dialogue and ArcMap remember the primary display field even if this table is removed from "Table of contents".

Unfortunately this feature was removed in ArcGIS 10!

Workaround in ArcMap 10:
  • Prepare related table with your wanted primary display field as the first column in table.
Unfortunately this work only in Identity dialogue, not in Attributes dialogue in  an edit session.

Note: I agree with BCP_GIS, best solution is set primary display filed in tables properties. But it should be possible to owerride this in layes properties in ArcMap.
Fix this please.
Another place for this to be available would be in the Relationship Class Wizard, so as you build the relationship the desired display field for the ralated table could be set.