Preserve subtypes when exporting using the `Export Data` dialog

10-03-2015 01:24 PM
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Feature classes that contain subtypes are not exported correctly using the `Export Data` dialog. In the ArcMap Table of Contents, when you right-click on a feature class, select the `Data` menu item, and select `Export Data` from the fly-out menu, then you get the `Export Data` dialog. Features exported using this method have the subtypes removed from the exported feature class, even when exporting to data sources that support subtypes (i.e., file geodatabases). Subtypes are critical data model constructs and to have them stripped-off for no apparent reason and without warning when exporting to a geodatabase is inexplicable. Since exporting subtypes to geodatabases are handled properly by tools such as `Copy Features` and `Clip`, why can't subtypes be preserved when using the `Export Data` dialog?

In Pro, it appears the subtype assignment is stripped during all GP operations, including feature class to feature class and export data. 

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