Popup with personal text/data when a task is correctly done at Model Builder or Python's script

02-27-2017 06:17 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

I would like that Model Builder - MB and Python's sript have a friendly UI box message to shows the task is completed done. After MB or python'script is executed, the nowadays progress info isn't user-friend GUI to both, e.g. can shows the input datas and that 30 tools was performed. But, an usual user can just wish be noticed about an info from the created data or know if script/MB is done correctly.

So, the popup must have the following option info:

- with a Personal Text, e.g. All is done correctly!,

- a Table (or him selected records) from a Feature Class created by the MB (or python) or

- a Statistic from a Feature Class (e.g. The "Intersect_Polygon.shp" has 17 records with name "Vegetation" & 0 records with name "Water"). The user should choose the Feature Class and the Field that the record's statistic will be showed.

Considering that popup is friendly GUI, will be great that it allows set how to close It. Could de automatically (after 30 seconds) or pushing "OK".

*I don't know well ArcGIS Online or Add-in, but I saw that ESRI already has experience with Popup and should easier do It. Configure pop-ups and python addin modules.

Below has a simple example to illustrate: